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Gentle group rides to help older people stay fit, healthy and socially connected

A group of older people cycling down a hill in an autumnal park.

Loneliness is a killer

Loneliness has serious consequences for our well-being. In fact, isolation can damage our health as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. In older people, it can lead to depression, dementia and early death. So, it’s worrying that nearly half of Bristol’s older people live alone and almost 60% lead a sedentary lifestyle. This puts their well-being at risk, in what are supposed to be their golden years.

*Source: “Social Relationships and Mortality Risk: A Meta-analytic Review”.

Social cycling is the best medicine

The good news is, older people who continue to exercise are less likely to feel lonely and depressed. If that exercise is sociable and provides access to fresh air and green spaces, even better! Our group rides for over 55s combine all these elements: Regular, gentle rides exploring quiet routes, with a tea stop for extra time to chat.

The difference we make

We asked our over 55s group how our rides make a difference:

  • 75% say their mental wellbeing has improved.
  • 75% say their physical health has improved.
  • 88% say their confidence has improved.

Our impact last year

Over 55s Group

82 people

socialised on bikes

25 rides

on quiet routes

85 people

enjoyed ‘self-led’ rides


Alt text

“I personally often feel lonely as an older person, aged 66, especially as I am single. The Life Cycle group rides give me physical exercise, sociability, inclusion and a great deal of fun.”

Adio (name changed)
Alt text

“I experience periods of deep depression. I developed a fear of leaving my house. Having a schedule of rides I can write in my diary is an incentive to get better. Being with other people is what I need.”

Anne (name changed)

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