Hamed's story

Recipient of a free bike from the Bikes Beyond Borders project.

Meet Hamed

A recent arrival to Derby, Hamed had been waiting to claim asylum for two months when we met him. His tiny stipend made it difficult to access the opportunities that would help him start a new life in the UK, but a battered old bike enabled him to cycle to English lessons and appointments at the Refugee Advice Centre.

However, Hamed couldn’t afford a decent lock – and thieves stole his bike.

Hamed was devastated

He told us that learning English to a high standard, going to college and finding employment were his main aspirations. However, he knew his English needed improvement before he could get a job, once his papers came through. He knew he would not be able to get to classes without his bike.

Getting a bike was a game-changer

We provided Hamed with a fully renovated replacement bike – and a quality lock – free of charge. Unlike his old boneshaker, it is reliable, enjoyable to ride and can be safely used to connect him to the community.

The simple act of providing a reliable bike - and a secure lock – has taken Hamed out of transport poverty and enabled him to re-start his English lessons. He now has the ability to participate fully in community life and feels he has a good chance of building a successful future.

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