Two’s Company

Tandem cycling adventures for people who can’t cycle independently

A laughing group of sighted volunteers and visually impaired participants stand beside their tandem.

Being disabled shouldn’t impact your quality of life.

But due to spending cuts and poorly designed services, disabled people are disproportionately impacted by poverty, poor well-being and lack of access to community life. According to the Royal National Institute for Blind People:

  • Two thirds of blind people are unemployed - and struggle to pay for leisure activities.
  • One in two blind people feel cut-off from things around them.
  • Community leisure activities often exclude disabled children - 1/4 say they feel depressed.

How Two's Company works

We pair visually-impaired and disabled people with volunteer ‘front riders’ who pilot a tandem bicycle, with the disabled ‘back riders’ at the rear. Together, they head out on quiet cycle paths, exploring the countryside around Bristol on an annual programme of group rides.  

Our ‘back riders’ love to experience the sounds and smells of the countryside, feel the wind in their hair and spend time with our friendly Two’s Company family.

Our riders range from age 8 – 80+. Many are visually impaired but we also cater for those with a range of disabilities including: Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delay and Autism. Two’s Company is a powerful way to help those who can’t ride independently to experience the joys of cycling.

The difference we make

We asked our participants how Two’s Company has impacted their life:

  • 83% feel fitter and healthier.
  • 67% noticed their mental wellbeing improve.
  • 84% feel they have broadened their horizons.

Our impact last year

Two’s Company

32 tandem rides

into green spaces

27 people

explored nature

50 people

tried a recumbent tandem


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Annie has learning disabilities. The tandem rides are the only way she can manage cycling as she can’t make the quick decisions that it requires. She is very happy being part of a group of young people… It's nice to see her pink cheeks when she gets home!

Annie’s Dad
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I can’t describe what it means to lose your sight. You feel you can never go anywhere fast. When you don’t have many opportunities and are not spoilt for choice, any opportunity that makes you feel fast and active is amazing. I cycle now a lot more than I ever did when I had my sight


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Two’s Company

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Our funders

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