Bikes Beyond Borders

Connecting refugees to the community with their own refurbished bike

Life Cycle mechanic demonstrating bike maintenance skills at a refugee project.

Refugees and asylum seekers need our help

Government support for people seeking safety falls woefully short, with asylum seekers forced to live on just £6.50 per day. Living on so little in a cost-of-living crisis creates an impossible choice: Pay for transport to essential services, or eat. Many asylum seekers are left isolated and destitute.  

How Bikes Beyond Borders works

We give refugees and asylum seekers in Bristol and Derby a free bike, lock and lights to open up their world again. This simple gift enables some of the most marginalised and vulnerable people to access legal appointments, activities and services. This helps them to build connections and settle in their new community.

How we made a difference

178 refugees or asylum seekers escaped transport poverty with a free, refurbished bike last year.

Our partners

To deliver this life-changing project, we are delighted to work with the British Red Cross, Derby Refugee Solidarity and Derby Refugee Advice Centre.

Our impact last year

Bikes Beyond Borders


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“Many people we work with attend English classes and community activities that really help them to adapt to life in the UK. For some, walking to these may take an hour and a half. They often say that a bike helps them to maintain community connections, attend college classes and GP appointments.”

Alex Smith, Refugee Support Caseworker at British Red Cross Derby

Our funders

We couldn't do this without the incredible support of our funders.

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