Bikeability for Schools

Group cycle training for children in schools, taught to the National Standard

A young boy dressed in hi viz sits on his bike and looks back over his shoulder at the camera. In the distance, a female cycle instructor and a group of children, all wearing hi-viz vests, stand in a line and wait for the boy to set off towards them.
North Somerset

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Free - £10 per pupil

What to expect

Our Bikeability courses give children the skills and confidence to ride safely at a level appropriate to their age. Our friendly instructors support young people of all needs and backgrounds to learn cycling and improve their well-being, social skills and independence.

Our instructors

Our Instructors are qualified to teach children to the ‘National Standard for Cycling,’ as defined by the Department for Transport. They all:

  • Are DBS checked.
  • Hold a First Aid qualification.
  • Have experience of teaching groups of children.

Our courses

We deliver Bikeability training courses on behalf of Active Travel England. All courses are based on the National Standard for cycle training.

We offer a variety of different levels for different age groups. Each child will need a roadworthy bike to attend. Prices vary depending on location, as we receive different levels of funding from Local Authorities. Scroll down for full details of our courses and prices.


North Somerset and Swindon



  • Level one - £5 per pupil 
  • Level two - £10 per pupil
  • Level three - £10 per pupil

Many schools use their Sports Premium grant to cover the cost.

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Course content

Level One

School years: Four.

This course takes place off-road in a traffic-free environment, usually in the school playground. Our qualified instructors teach groups of 12 children the essential skills to progress to level two.

Course content

  • Check myself and my bicycle are ready for a journey
  • Glide: smooth, calm and collected
  • Control your bike: set off, slow down and stop
  • Pedal: manoeuvring using my gears, looking around, cycling with one hand
  • Be aware of my surroundings: controlling my speed, sharing space with pedestrians and avoiding hazards

Level Two

School years: Five and six

This course takes place on quieter roads to develop skills while creating a real cycling experience. Our qualified instructors support groups of 12 children to build confidence and learn road safety awareness.

Course content  

  • Start and stop with more confidence.
  • Pass stationary vehicles parked on a road.
  • Understand the road: signals, signs and road markings.
  • Negotiate the road: including quiet junctions, crossroads and roundabouts.
  • Share the road with other vehicles.

Level Three

School years: Seven, eight and nine

This advanced training takes place in more complex traffic systems, including speed limits above 30 mph, multi-lane roads and roundabouts. Two of our qualified instructors will lead groups of six children as they build the skills to cycle wherever they want, whenever they want.

Course content

Young people will learn more advanced skills, including how to:  

  • Use the best riding position for any situation.
  • Ride alongside other cyclists.
  • Ride on more complex roads.
  • Negotiate more complex roads. For example, junctions controlled by traffic lights, multi-lane roads or cycle lanes.
  • Respond confidently when a situation changes. For example, when a vehicle pulls out in front.


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