Bike Mechanics - Level 2

City & Guilds Level 2: the industry-accredited course for experienced bicycle mechanics

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About the course

The City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Cycle Mechanics is a CV-essential for professional success, or experienced home mechanics wanting total freedom with their bikes.

Course content

At the end of this eight-day course, you’ll confidently know how to:

  • Repair a puncture - including correctly removing and refitting a wheel, tyre and inner tube.
  • Augment a bicycle: safely fitting accessories, e.g., computer, mudguards, pannier rack and child seat.
  • Remove, replace and adjust a bicycle rim brake assembly - linear pull (“v” type ) brake.
  • Fully service a hydraulic brake system - including removing pads, bleeding brake, refitting pads and setting up brake calliper.
  • Remove, replace and adjust bicycle derailleur gear systems.
  • Service bicycle headsets assemblies - removing, refitting and adjusting threadless and threaded headsets.
  • Build a bicycle wheel - including performing spoke length calculations.
  • Remove and replace bicycle hub bearings - loose and cartridge.
  • Prepare frames and forks for bicycle assembly - chasing and facing bottom bracket shell, reaming and facing headtube.
  • Remove and replace bicycle bottom brackets and cranks-cartridge - external cup and cup and axle.
  • Carry out a systematic, professional bicycle safety check.
  • Change a bicycle frame - stripping a bike to its bare frame, then systematically rebuilding it to a professional standard.

Additional content

In addition to the assessed course units, we also offer opportunities to learn about:

  • Other braking systems: calliper, cantilever, cable disc, roller brake.
  • Press fit bottom brackets.
  • Hub gear set ups: Sturmey Archer and Shimano.
  • Bicycle frame geometry

Meet previous course graduate, Steve. Check out our video:

Further information

Who can do this training?

This industry-recognised qualification is ideal for experienced home mechanics or anyone looking to work in the bike industry. You must be aged 18 or over to attend this course. If you're under 18 please get in touch to discuss your options.

What experience do I need?

You'll have experience in carrying out basic cycle mechanics tasks, such as removing a wheel, tyre and tube, adjusting brakes and gears and fitting new brake pads. You'll also be familiar with the various bike components and how they work, for example: derailleurs, headsets and bottom brackets.

You don't need to be an expert in cycle mechanics (we can help with that part!), but you should have enough experience of using basic tools like Allen Keys, spanners, screwdrivers and cable cutters, to allow you work efficiently on a bike.

If you don’t have this experience, we recommend taking our City & Guilds Level 1 course first. Not sure if the course is for you? Get in touch for a chat before booking.

Learner benefits

Learners can enjoy a 10% discount on a range of products from our bike workshop, including professional toolkits, bike parts and accessories.

Find out what you can expect on the day. Check out our video:

More info and FAQs

More questions? Check below for more information.

Where is it taught?

The courses are taught in our professional training centres, in Bristol and Derby.

How is it taught?

Our courses are taught in small groups (max six). Each student has their own workstation equipped with a large selection of professional tools, gloves, aprons and detailed teaching notes. You’ll also have your own bike stand and a ‘teaching bike’ to work on. You don’t need to bring your own bike.

Assessment & qualification

This is an intensive course: we work at a fairly brisk pace to cover a wide range of material. For each unit, your tutor will demonstrate the techniques, then you'll have time to practice. You'll be assessed as you go throughout each day. There’s also be a short, written knowledge assessment. You must attend every day of the course to gain your qualification.

Cancellations and refunds

To find out about our cancellation and refund policies, read our full terms and conditions.

What others say

"The course was excellent in all aspects and exceeded my expectations. The pace was perfect, practical examples were first class and demystified a lot of technical issues. The instructor's previous teaching experience shone throughout."


“Employing somebody who knows about cycle maintenance is fairly easy. But employing a qualified, competent technician who can legitimize our insurance needs and give the customers the peace of mind they deserve is difficult. The City & Guilds training is creating bicycle mechanics, not just enthusiasts.”

David Mckinven, Operations Manager, YoBike UK

Meet the tutors

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